Starry, Starry Flight


In starry, starry flight between
A blushing moon and earthly light –
Ghostly forms – both sign and seal of
Near and distant storms,
Slowly swim and glide below the jeweled
Span in which they hide,
Keeping midnight rendezvous with
Ancient lore and worlds to come.


Dec. 21, 2010 note attached to poem:

“Last night’s lunar eclipse was an extraordinary sight for mortals who happened to see it.
I awoke at 12:30 a.m. and noticed the blinding moonlight from two hours earlier had disappeared. The eclipse had reached its full intensity.

“I mounted my camera to a tripod and went outside in my pajamas and socks. Barb was right behind me. What a view!

“After a few minutes, Barb said, “What is that?!” A flock of geese was gliding across the sky below the moon. There were over a dozen of them. There was no way I could capture them, since each exposure was about 3 seconds at f8, so I grabbed another picture of some geese I had taken and worked in Photoshop to add them to the eclipse shot. The city lights had lit the geese as they flew by. What a memory!”

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