Holding On


I’m a kid again, flying in circles around my dad.
“Hold on!” I scream as a dizzy blur of houses,
Trees and summer grass race by.

He laughs at me, then shifts to supersonic speed.
I hear the wind and look at him to see
His smiling face relishing the joy
Of giving joy away.

-photo credit to Cliff Philipiah-

Open the Door


Open the door and let its swinging
Breathe life into the room.
There’s fresh air in your smile
And blue sky in your every word.

Sit on my softest chair and tell me
All about today’s adventures
Before you have to leave. I’ll bring
The milk and apple pie.

Open the door and scatter all
The dusty shadows of the past.
Chase the tears with gentle hands
Upon my sandy cheeks.

Hold me tightly with your eyes
And ‘I love you’s.’
Just open the door and wish you
Didn’t have to leave again.


So Misunderstood


September’s sissy hides behind the shadows,
While October’s bully blows smoke ring “O’s”
Around the neighborhood.
“So misunderstood,”
Say November’s chattering busybodies.
“He’s really a sweet little boy, but odd. He’s
So misunderstood –
Strangely strange, but good.”


Morning Dusk


The nights are longer now – that blaze of glory
I used to see stealing up the grass
And roses is hiding east of the Sierra.
Maybe you can catch it when I leave.

Our little friends are later every day.
Like you, they’d rather catch an extra wink
Of sleep before they brave the cat’s meow.
It’s almost time to flutter out of bed.

The engine’s gentle rumbling is my song –
A giant, snoring beyond the backyard lawn.