The Alliterated Skating Fool



Winter’s wizened weaver wove
A patchwork wonderland
Of burnished bark and fuller’s field
Around the sleeping sand.

The little lake’s virginity
Was graced in glacial gown
Now glazed by bitter blowing wind
And polished like a crown.

The morning sun shone shivering
Above the crystal pool,
Whose placid silence soon succumbed
To Sue, the Skating Fool.

“What price for peace?” the pond implored.
“The battle begins soon!”
“Surrender speedily your skates!”
Retorted the raccoon.

Susan’s smile revealed a sneer,
Which faded to a frown.
“How dare they dream of stopping me!”
She screamed without a sound.

A host of hares had hurried up,
Filing front to back.
The badgers bade the beavers blow
Their bugles for attack.

Susan’s eyes surveyed the scene
With calculated cool.
Then flying ice flew fast and far
Behind the Skating Fool.

A tempest terrible ensued
As cottontails took chase.
Thirty thumping thicket thieves
Had roared into the race.

Sue’s face was flushed as on she flashed,
Her silver skates aglow.
Behind her bounce the bunnies bold
As fast as they could go.

“Not fast enough!” the foxes fumed.
“She’s getting clean away!”
“It’s far too slick and slippery!”
Replied a raucous jay.

The wise old owl was weeping now:
“Just what are we to do?”
The tumbling, tired, and tattered troop
With dignity withdrew.

The beach now bloomed with bears and birds,
With creatures great and small –
A much maligned menagerie
Whose hopes began to fall.

The icetop’s speeding queen royale
Now sundanced like a jewel.
A thousand eyes were mesmerized
By Sue, the Skating Fool.

Heaven’s horseman hastened on,
Incurably inflamed.
One by one the watchmen left,
Assuredly ashamed.

All alone, Sue’s ardor spurred
A second wind of speed.
With screaming skates and crowning cry
The conquest was decreed.

No creature stirred as on she streaked
Across the arid ice.
A peerless, passionate routine
Performed without device.


And then abruptly, bold applause
Arrested reddened ears.
“An advocate and freedom’s friend!”
Young Sue exclaimed with tears.

A skater spanned the white expanse
In glittering review.
Gold and grace and gleaming eye
Soon ravished raptured Sue.

“Do dance with me, my daring dear.
I’ve rarely seen such zest!”
Surprise and silly secrets burned
Within her blushing breast.

“Who are you?” wavered on a wind
That suddenly turned cold.
“I seem to some a Sunny Scot,
To some a tale twice told.”

“You seem a Sunny Scot to me,
A sailer strong and true!”
“Come with me then! The ice is ours!
The hours are but few!”

Hand in hand their dance began
Between the bristling birch.
While willows wept and weasels slept,
the swallows swiftly searched.

How the sun stood strangely still
Remains a mystery.
Both Sunny Scot and Soaring Sue
Could skate eternally.

With picture perfect harmony
They painted precious pride
Upon a canvas colorless
By drawing deep and wide.

But then beneath Sue’s blazing blades
A breaking and a blow!
Icy arms in darkness drew
The princess far below.

No time to think of what to do –
But only what’s been done!
Fear gripped her groaning heart with grief,
For all was now undone!

Sue wrestled to remove the weights
That now appeared so cruel.
Breathless, broken, beaten, bruised –
So sank the Skating Fool

Above the vaulted vestibule
The Sunny Scot did flee
With worn and weathered wings of woe –
Quite quizzical to see.


Heralding a holy hush,
The hand of heaven arched
Across the maiden’s grave that marked
The place where rebels marched.

But soon a stormy shout was heard
Beyond demise and death –
Cross hill and hedge a furry flock
Appeared – all out of breath!

Down to the dreary drama’s edge
The happy horde hurrahed.
Encompassing the bitter break
They all began to nod.

“He’ll be here soon!” the swallows sang
While darting to and fro.
The teal retrieved Sue’s last remains –
A ribbon and a bow.

Again a calm and quiet crept
Upon the pallid pond
As horse and rider raced across
The valley just beyond.

The stallion charged along the creek,
Then thundered through the trees.
The motley, mute menagerie
Had fallen to its knees.

Onto the ice with cannon’s crash
The stalwart steed stood fast.
The Lord of Lakes and Skating Fools
Had surely come at last.

Dismounting quietly the Prince
Perused the somber stage,
Then walked toward the animals
To see the icy cage.

Without delay he deftly dove
Into the black lagoon.
His presence pierced the darkened deep
With light that rivals noon.

Susan’s frame was soon espied
Upon a brackish bed.
Senseless, sightless, screaming eyes
Were hosting hell inside.

The voice of many waters rolled
Across the drenching deep.
The Lord of Lakes awakened Sue
Out of her silent sleep.

No sooner said than life did flow
Within her heart anew.
Hand in hand the two now swam
Toward a blazing blue.

A welcome, warm and wonderful
Soon greeted grinning eyes.
As Prince and maiden walked ashore
Beneath the summer skies.

With tears of joy upon her face,
Sue knelt before her Lord.
“I give my very life to thee,”
She said without a word.

Now Susan’s skates forever lie
Beneath the placid pool.
Reminding her of reckless days,
And Sue, the Skating Fool.


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