Little Sister


What do virgins know of bridal bliss,
Or passion’s pleasure and delight? To taste
Exquisite sweets is more than callow kiss
Can comprehend, for these are honey-laced.
-Proverbs 5:18,19-

Little, sister, whose romantic joys
Are fancied journeys through a hungry heart,
There is a latent land where tender toys
Are thrown away, and innocence departs.
-Genesis 34:1,2-

Those who deeply drink this fountain’s wine
And fly with fiery phoenix soon forget
Naivete and foolishness. They dine
In sumptuous splendor with their Juliet.
-Song of Solomon 4:6-

Precious princess, princes longed to taste
Of Tamar’s touch, to sound her secret seas,
And draw aside the vestal veil that graced
Her lillied land, though she could never please.
-2 Samuel 13:1,2-

And shall he want thee less today who spies
Thy simple smile and supple scenery,
Which often tend to tempt and tantalize?
Imagination breeds iniquity.
-2 Samuel 11:2-


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