The Springbok Ballet

Once in a foreign land,
Far, far away.
I was a guest at the Springbok

I’d left my tuxedo at home
On the bed,
And arrived at the dance
In a jumpsuit instead.

The others who came were all
Dandily dressed
In beautiful furs and quite
Colorful vests!

I sat in the back so that
No one would stare
At my twelve dollar suit
I bought at John Blair.

The ballet began with
A deafening roar
As the crowd all applauded
At what was in store!

Then the choir and orchestra
Both came alive
As the curtain was drawn
At a quarter past five.

I never had seen a more
Spirited troupe,
Leaping and bouncing and
Looping the loop.

With the greatest of ease
And unparalleled charm,
They soon had the audience
All arm in arm.

Around and around, they went
Flying so high!
It looked just as if they were
Touching the sky.

Just what happened next
I’m not really too sure.
There was brawling and roaring
And flying of fur!

All these fine-fashioned folk
Just got carried away
And ate up the troupe
Of the Springbok Ballet !

There’s a moral to this that
We all need to know:
Always watch the ballet
From the very last row!

7/19/1983 while at work

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