Rainbow Banners


She’s finishing her four plus one
With colors flying in the breeze,
Like rainbowed sailing ships that run
Upon a sea above the trees.

To the left is LAVENDER
That tells us of her favorite things —
Dolls, and books, and kittys fur . . .
Friends, and sweets, and slides, and swings.

Next in line, the color RED
Is waving brightly side by side.
It speaks of blood the Savior shed
When His arms were open wide.

Then, like a winging butterfly,
The YELLOW streamer tells of love
And warmth that hold her when she cries,
Reflecting greater care from up above.

Flying higher than the rest,
A fresh GREEN banner whirls.
It stands for all the zeal and zest
For life that lives in little girls.

Just to the right of green flies BLUE.
It’s hard to see against the sky,
Reminding her that what is true
Is hard to see when hearts would lie.

Five colors, rainbow banners, signs
Of life and blessing, tokens bright
And beautiful — all God’s design
To bring her to His holy light.



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